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Our Mission

Our mission is to increase political involvement on a local level across all party affiliations with a particular focus on educating, engaging, and energizing everyone across the country.

Our Vision

Making politics simple for everyone. Starting with a pothole and ending with the presidency, educating the core values of politics across all party platforms.


Stay updated on AmericaLRCs upcoming projects and initiatives. We are constantly innovating and creating systems to ease the process of civic engagement and responsibilities.


Our Team

Vanessa Simon, CEO & Founder

Vanessa Simon is the CEO and Founder of America: Left, Right, and Center. She is a Human Resources Business Partner by profession and a political operative by passion. Vanessa sits on the Membership Board at the Women’s National Republican Club and also volunteers as a lector at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, NY. She is passionate about civic engagement and serving the community. It is this passion that has fueled her to create an inclusive platform. One that unites and provides the tools for pragmatic, forward thinking, solutions-driven people, truly looking to make a difference in their communities.

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Shannon Epstein

Shannon Epstein has spent the last 10+ years working in the entertainment industry. While helping with the development of various artists, Shannon had an immense passion for politics and influencing change. It was the 2016 election that inspired Shannon to make it a personal goal to get involved and challenge the status quo of politics. Shannon decided he was going to join the crusade of simplifying politics. While working on a job, Shannon met Vanessa Simon and she too shared the same sentiments about politics and the current state of affairs. Now they’re both working toward the common goal of making politics something everyone can understand.

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